Thursday, March 8, 2012

on my mind - IWD - A letter to my daughter's.

March 8th is International Women's Day. A day to celebrate the vital role women play in celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women in the past, present and future. A day where women are recognised for their achievements in all backgrounds of life. Today makes me think about the values I would like to share with my daughters, I was inspired by an article on essential kids, where everything that was written rang true to me and as my daughters transcend from teenagers into adults I would like to let them know that they should .....

Be proud of who you are and remember you and only you are in charge of your future. Soar to your highest abilities and know that you can achieve anything your heart desires. There are always going to be judgmental people around trying to give you their opinion, but I believe you can listen and take on board what you choose to, as you may receive some good advice, you and only can shape your future to be what you would like it to be.

Always trust your own judgement and what you feel deep down in your gut. Listen to your thoughts and your inner voice to what it is trying to tell you. If something does not feel right then it isn't and to always have the courage to say no. Only you can make the right decision for you.

Remember you are strong. There will always be people trying to tell you that you should do this or that but you are your own destiny and you need to make your own choices. You will always come across people that will be nasty to you but as I always say you are better than that and never stoop to their level. People will always judge you and form their own opinion of you or a certain situation and they may say something to you or behind your back but just rise above it and realise that they are wrong and if you are happy within yourself then that is all that matters.

Know you are beautiful. Yes parents are obliged to say that to their children. You should know that regardless of what I say you both are happy and healthy girls and carry yourselves with poise and dignity that will only grow as you get older. Just be happy for who and what you are as I am. Obstacles will come your way good and bad and through it all remember that you are beautiful just the way you are and that no-one can tell you any different.

Always remember that you are and will be loved forever and forever. You are loved and adored and always will be. You are the core of my life and from the day you were born you will remain to be two of the most special and wonderful people in my life. There are times I am sure where you think, when I am cross with you or tell you something that you do not want to hear but that is just me wanting the best for you ALWAYS + FOREVER. I can only guide you the best way I know how and it is up to you how you live your life. I love you infinity x infinity and nothing will ever sway the love I have for you both. I am one of the proudest mummies alive.

The world is full of wonderful opportunities for you both and remember to always be proud of who are as your father and I both are.

Love you to the moon and back.

Love always MUM xoxo

images from  pinterest / inspired from an article from essentialkids

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