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I have been using Lucas Paw Paw Ointment for a while now and I recommend it whole heartedly. The ointment is recommended for so many things. It conditions lips and adds shine, soothes rough elbows, knees and feet, great as a face moisturiser (I use it on my face a few times a week especially at night). Also recommended for chafing, nappy rash wounds, dermatitis, sunburn, minor burns (I placed it on a burn recently and within a few minutes the swelling and redness was reduces and the pain was nearly gone within minutes of application). I also use it on my face at night as a moisturiser before bed and on my neck where it smooths out the wrinkles. Although it works on all people differently and may not make any difference to others at all it is recommended by celebs everywhere.

VOGUE forum discusses how other use this wonder ointment........

I use it all over. I've been using it on my eyes on and off for years (rub a small amount between fingers to warm it up and then sort of pat/press it into my skin), and also as an all over moisturising mask, constantly on my lips, cuticles, hands, knees etc etc. I've even used it to gloss my eyelashes.

I love paw paw ointment and have used it for years as all all purpose cream. Heals excema patches, rough heels, spots that won't seem to go, dry elbows, dry lips.... but too heavy imo for an eye cream. I even find that if I use it around my mouth (not just contained on my lips, I get a few spots (and I rarely have pimples- just hormonal) Don't worry about the eye cream purpose not working (doesn't for me either..) but there's heaps of other winter uses (especially dry lips- fab! I have a tube in my handbag all the time)

Do you or have you used this wonder ointment? If so please share in the comments below.


  1. for the first time I visited this blog, and I see interesting content here.

  2. I use it on my eyelashes it makes them grow


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