Monday, February 13, 2012

on my mind PARENTING

A little about me first, I am a mother to two beautiful teenage girls and step parent to 3 wonderful adults. I have been in their lives for 20 years they were 12, 9 & 7 when I first started seeing their father. The younger two have a child each of their own 3 year old Harrison and the other an 18 month year old Montana. I am so lucky to have the privilege to look after these gorgeous little people. My daughters and I looked after little Montana on Saturday and what can I say she is a little angel, so easy to please and spend time with. Although she did have a temperature and was not eating too much. 
I know and understand as a parent you have your own methods in the way you do your parenting and heaven forbid no-one likes to be told how to PARENT. But if I see a way that may help them with a solution I will offer my suggestions, only because I have had the experience, not that my way may work. I remember when my girls were little I would try different ways to do things if that was suggested to me or read a heap of books to find another solution.
Little Montana is not the best sleeper and she has given her parents some awkward nights. But every time she sleeps here or at her Aunties house she sleeps like she has never slept before. I know people become set in their ways and in the end you can only offer suggestions and if they are tried and tested they may work and they may not.

Would you try a different method of helping you with your children or are you the type of parent that just does what you think is the best and no one can sway you either way? I would love to know your thoughts.

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