Wednesday, February 8, 2012


My beautiful friend and I had lunch together and watched 'Letters to Juliet'. What a beautiful story with fabulous actors. I have always loved Amanda Seyfried, she is just stunning and Chris Egan and the lovely Vanessa Redgrave. I just did not want the movie to end.......I wanted more. 

'While on vacation in Italy, Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) goes to Verona to see a courtyard supposedly belonging to Shakespeare's fictitious couple. Over the years other visitors have left"letters to Juliet" describing their star-crossed love affairs. When the young American tourist finds a 50-year-old note about a tale of unrequited love, she determines to find the author and reunite the woman with her former Romeo.'

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  1. I loved this movie too!

    We went to Italy last year (after I saw the movie) and when the opportunity arose to visit Verona, we did - and went and saw Juliet's house.

    Unfortunately it didn't have letters stuck to the wall - it was behind a security fence. And the courtyard was full of tourists - not a quiet place as it looked in the movie. There is a small museum which includes access to the balcony though :)

    Of course, the whole thing is fiction and has been promoted by the city for the last century, but I still wanted to see it ....


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