Monday, February 20, 2012

confession I LOVE MONDAY'S

I love Monday's a fresh start to a new week, A chance to start again and refresh.

If you have had a bad week or weeks previous this is your chance to start again and compose yourself to start and begin the week they way you would like. Sometimes we (or others) may do or say the wrong thing and make people feel inadequate or that they feel they are not good enough. Starting a Monday with I love you, I am so proud of youI think you are fabulous, Have a lovely day, Be the best you can be and most of all my favourite Let Your Light Shine!

quote ~ Maya Angelou

Monday is also my cleaning day a chance to give the house a refresh and sparkle again for another week ahead.
What day is your cleaning day? I also have my washing and ironing up to date....what a good feeling!!!

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