Wednesday, January 25, 2012

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Friendship ~ true friends are hard to find. Over the years I have made friends with my daughters school friends parents. They have come and gone. When my eldest started school I had formed, I thought, a really close knit bond with a few mother's. We did stay friends for the whole 7 years but where are they know. I am no longer in contact with these lovely ladies. I have tried but only to have calls not returned. Over the years I have a few close friends but only one that I truly confide in.

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I wonder what will happen when my daughters finish school will the stay friends with whom they have become really close with over the years (some they have known since they were in pre-school). I think they have an advantage over myself. As I moved around a bit and spent my high school years in the country. I am still in contact with a few and thank you to facebook I can still keep in contact. I hope my daughters will find it easier. I tell them that you have to work hard at keeping your friendships.

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I would love to know your friendship values and how you make friends and keep them near.

V xoxo

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