Sunday, January 22, 2012


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Get Protection ~ Just like skin, your hair burns. This leaves it prone to colour fade. Use a leave in 
conditioner with UV protection. Always use colour care shampoo and conditioner.

Fight Frizz ~ Frizz happens then your hair is dry and the humidity is high. Thirsty hair sucks on 
the airs moisture to compensate, resulting in frizz. Hydrating shampoo ad conditioner help. Blot wet 
hair with kitchen paper towel to absorb water, then use a smoothing product before and after styling.

Prevent an oily scalp ~ Your hair may seem oilier in summer as you are more active. This can stimulate 
sebum production. Use oil-control shampoo and conditioner and use dry shampoo to mop up oiliness.

Stop swimmer's hair ~ Swimming in salt or chlorinated water can leave mineral deposits on hair, dulling 
shine and leaving a greenish tinge. Before swimming, saturate hair with a leave in protective product and 
use a deep cleansing shampoo.

source ~ Body and Soul

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