Friday, January 20, 2012


Miranda Kerr top-knot bun

Miranda Kerr's hairstylist David Keough tells InStyle how he constructed Miranda's mane into a top knot 
bun, in three easy steps:

1. Start by blow drying the hair out to create body. He then tilts the head back slightly whilst brushing the hair 
into a high ponytail. He does this so when you place the elastic in the hair, it makes the nape hair tight - a
sleek look at the back.

Tip - depending on the thickness of the hair he may do a little back combing, teasing in the pony to add bulk.

2. When you are left with a swinging ponytail, hold the end of the hair and twist until it turns back on itself,
wrapping it around the elastic.

3. Have a selection of bobby pins and french pins ready. Start to secure the twisted hair, with a couple of 
pins first so you can take your hand away. Then create the desired shape of the bun. Taking a hand mirror
to see that the shape looks good from the profile too.

Tip - David then likes to use a comb to smooth the hair down around the head, to tuck some hair into the 

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