Saturday, January 28, 2012

back to school ~ PARENTS SHOULD KNOW

Healthy food helps learning ~ without a healthy breakfast, kids cannot concentrate and 
can become disruptive. A healthy lunch is just as important to help kids survive the afternoon.

Kids need help with homework ~ where possible create a set routine.
Refuel with a healthy snack when the student get home. Then sit down together 
to complete the set tasks. As it gets later the children tend to get tired.

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Proper sleep habits are critical ~ children are going to school tired after late nights.
Parents can support good sleeping habits by enforcing mobile phones and social media are 
switched off at night. Ending screen time at least 30 minutes before bedtime and ensuring 
they are in bed at a regular time.

Children need help being organised ~ Being organised makes the day better for both children and teachers.
Teachers appreciate a child who is organised. You can help kids get organised by:

 + Creating a family calendar so everyone can see what's on each week. 
For young children, use visual symbols. 

+ Once at home, unpack your child's school bag together and discuss what is on for the next day. 
Get your child to put their school shoes in the same place every afternoon.

+ Always pack the school bag and prepare the uniform the night before.

+ Ask your child question's such as, 'What do you need tomorrow?'

source ~ Body and Soul

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