Tuesday, January 31, 2012


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Power up with protein ~ to maximise energy, eat healthy protein with every meal and snack. Protein satisfies and stabilises your blood sugar, insulin and energy levels.

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Let it be ~ Stress zaps energy, but ignoring stressful thoughts and feelings can keep them alive. If you acknowledge them, they are easier to let go. This mindfulness exercise can help: take some slow breaths and focus on the parts of your body that feel tense. Next concentrate on the thoughts that are making you tense. As each thought comes to you, acknowledge it and then picture it floating away on a leaf down a stream.

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Get some mountain air ~ A simple yoga breathing exercise, the mountain pose, helps calm your mind and recharge your batteries. Stand with your feet hip width apart, arms by your sides. Close your eyes, take 3 natural breaths, then open your eyes. As you inhale, sweep your arms out to the sides and up, until your palms touch each other overhead.
Lift and expand your chest as you breathe in. Hold the breath for 2 seconds as you gaze up at your hands. Exhale and sweep your arms back down to your sides. As you breathe out, draw your belly in towards your spine. Hold the exhalation for 2 seconds, eyes straight ahead. Repeat 6 times.

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