Wednesday, October 5, 2011

living with teens DAY 4

My eldest daughter (in the orange top) and her friend just before we drove them for their night of fun.

Sorry for the delay in posting. Yesterday was a busy day. Girls are really moody at the moment
and I am sure you know why!

The girls helped with getting the house clean by vacuuming and doing dishes etc.
My eldest daughter (16) had a friend over as they were going to their first under 18's disco/nightclub.
You may be thinking why would I allow her to go well if you knew how sensible and trustworthy
my daughter was, as well as her gorgeous friends. You have to start somewhere and I believe
 that the more experience they have before they can drink legally the better.I think they become
more self aware and also get to see other people's behaviour away from school. The security is really
tight and I felt my daughter was safe. I know she would not hesitate to let me know if she felt
uncomfortable or something was happening she did not like.
cannot wait to hear more from them today about how the night was.

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