Tuesday, October 18, 2011

coping with HSC STRESS

Whether you're the one sitting the exams or you're the nervous mum worrying about the results, the HSC can be stressful time for everyone. But to make sure that your household stays as stress-free as possible during exam period, we've compiled a quick guide for students and those at home supporting them.
  • Be realistic with your study plan — if you set unrealistic goals, you'll only stress yourself out further
  • Make sure you take a break — head outside, go for a walk, just step away from the books for five!
  • Try to fit in some exercise — it'll keep you focused
  • Lay off the caffeine — it won't help with concentration, instead stick with water
  • Get your stationary sorted in advance — multiple pens and pencils!
  • Stay calm during the exam — don't waste hours stressing over questions you don't know
  • Take deep breaths — breathing is really important in keeping the body and mind calm and focused so breathe using your diaphragm, not from your throat
  • If you're struggling to sleep use a lavender-infused product such as Johnson’s Dreamy Skin Body Lotion ($6.99) before bed — it'll help you catch some zzzz's in no time.
  • Appreciate that you're under stress right now and that you might see some changes in your skin such as breakouts or eczema. Try not to let these stress you out as they're just the result of the exams. If you get breakouts, opt for a product with salicylic acid to penetrate deep into the skin and unclog all the impurities or get ahead of the game with a pre-emptive product like Neutrogena Acne Stress Control Power-Clear Scrub ($14.99).  
  • Don't be too demanding about chores and other household duties — allow them to focus on study
  • Encourage regular meal times and healthy snacks
  • Encourage exercise as a way to clear their head after each exam
  • Don't let them stay up too late — a good night's sleep is really important
  • Encourage them to keep their books in order so they know where things are and don't stress
  • Stock up on citrus shower gels — the invigorating scent will wake them up before early morning exams
Although my daughters are not studying for their HSC these tips from bellasugar are helpful tips for those who are.
My eldest has been sitting her year 10 certificate trials and has the Year 10 certificate to sit in a few weeks. So i will be taking these on board to help her get through.

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