Wednesday, September 14, 2011

VOGUE Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams: "Our Life Has Kind Of Repaired Itself"

In the latest issue of VogueMichelle Williams reflects on Heath Ledger's 
death and raising their 6-year-old daughter Matilda in Brooklyn, New York.
The actress shares, “Three years ago, it felt like we didn’t have anything, 
and now my life—our life—has kind of repaired itself. Look, it’s not a 
perfectly operating system—there are holes and dips and electrical 
storms—but the basics are intact. It’s changed how I see the world and 
how I interact on a daily basis. It’s changed the parent I am. It’s 
changed the friend I am. It’s changed the kind of work that I really want 
to do. It’s become the lens through which I see life—that it’s all impermanent.”
She explained, "For a really long time, I couldn't stop touching people's faces. 
I was like, 'Look at you! You move! You're here!' 
It all just seemed so fleeting, and I wanted to hold on to it."
She also hates seeing her daughter subjected to the same relentless invasion of privacy.

"That’s what seems the most rotten thing about it to me. And I’m going to do everything in my power to make her feel safe and protected, and to extend her childhood for as long as possible.”

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