Thursday, September 1, 2011

Make Up in MINUTES

Achieve a polished face in minutes. TRY these make-up artist tip to minimise your making-up time...

1.Dab a foundation stick to conceal redness and pimples instead of applying to the whole face. Choose a shade that matches your skin tone so it’s easier and quicker to apply.

2. Two or three coats of mascara can give your eyes and instant pick-me-up if you don't have time to apply shadow or liner. And don't underestimate eyelash curlers - they make your eyes look bigger and lashes longer in seconds.

3. Use products that can be dabbed on cheeks, lips and eyes with your finger. Rose, peach and bronze shades look best.

4. Use a sheer, shiny lipstick or a tinted lip balm for quick lips – you don't need to use liner or gloss and a few coats will intensify your lip colour.

5. Red, raspberry or fuchsia lipstick will give the illusion you're wearing make-up when you're not.

6. If you're applying clear lipgloss to your lips, run it over your brows too. Even if you’re not wearing make-up - great brows make an impact.

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