Wednesday, September 21, 2011

do it yourself MIU MIU STYLE

1. Gather your materials. Here's what you'll need

1 pair of pure white Converse sneakers
Hot glue gun (handle carefully!)
Super Glue 
Assortment of rhinestones in the colour of your choice. Make sure you have enough to create the same design on both shoes. We're not going for random here; symmetry is key!
A small dish or bowl
Glittery fabric paint. It's important to find a glitter paint with a base that dries clear. That way, all you end up with is the glittery effect.
Loose glitter in the same colour as the fabric paint. Finely milled glitter works best.

2. choose a design

Once you've gathered all your materials together, start laying the rhinestones out on the toes of the shoes in whatever pattern you like. As soon as you've settled on your design, it's time to start gluing!

3. glue it on

Using the hot glue gun, put a small dot of glue on the back of each rhinestone and then place it on the shoe. Once you've finished gluing on all of the rhinestones, you might want to go back over the design and sneak a little Super Glue underneath each rhinestone as well, as hot glue isn't as strong.

(Tip: If you're not so steady with a paintbrush, you might want to paint your shoes—steps 4-8—before you glue on the gems.)

4. prep to paint

Next, take your bedazzled shoes and get ready to paint them! Lay down some newspaper

on the floor so you don't make a mess. Then remove the shoelaces.

5. ready your supplies

Check to make sure you have enough paint and glitter for both shoes.

6. make glitter paint  

Working on top of the newspaper, pour a good amount of glitter paint into the shallow dish. (I used the lid of an applesauce jar.) Pour a mound of glitter into the paint—don't be shy! When you mix the extra glitter and the paint, the consistency should thicken up a little bit. Ideally you want to have enough glitter mixed in so that you get full coverage over the shoes with the first coat. If not, you can always 

7. apply more coats.

(Tip: If you don't have a lot of experience painting, you might want to tape the parts of the shoes that you don't want to get paint on, like the toes and around the soles of the sneakers. Use regular masking tape—it won't remove the gems when it's time to peel it off. Or, you can just paint the shoes first and then apply the gems afterward.)

8. start painting

Cover all the canvas parts of the sneakers completely, including the tongues. We don't want any bald spots!

9. allow paint to dry

After you've completely covered the shoes in glitter paint, set them out to dry. They should be totally dry before you start putting on another coat.

you can find all the photos at teen vogue

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