Friday, August 19, 2011

Hamptons Magazine [Rachel Zoe]

When did you know that fashion was your calling? When was that defining moment?
 The first person I ever dressed was a boy when I was about eight years old; I hated what he was wearing to school every day. His family all wore Ralph Lauren, so I knew he had better clothes. I went into his closet and laid out every outfit—cable-knit sweaters and loafers and plaid shirts—head to toe for Monday to Friday, and he actually wore them. He was technically my first client. But I think like any girl, I just loved glamour and looking at pictures of beautiful women—the women of Studio 54, Yves Saint Laurent’s muses, Halston’s muses—and with that, I just said, ‘I need to make this my life. I need to make this my career.’
Who was your main inspiration?
As a designer, Brigitte Bardot is one of my biggest influences. Also Bianca Jagger, Ali MacGraw, Lauren Hutton and Anjelica Huston in the ’70s. Really powerful, incredible, beautiful, fashionable and intelligent women. Often I am inspired by the streets of Europe and my travels.
How would you describe your new line, Rachel Zoe Collection?
It is a complete mix of Parisian chic and sophisticated with London cool and downtown fun for people who love fashion, who have style, who really want to wear incredibly luxurious, very tailored clothes that are not going to go out of style, at contemporary price points—so Delfina can buy one of everything, basically.
How has your style changed since becoming a mother?

It changed in the sense that instead of taking 15 minutes to get ready, I now have about three minutes, so I find that I have to be a bit more practical. I still want to look good, but I can’t wear clothes that have a lot of zippers and buttons and things that will hurt the baby because I’m holding him all day. I find I’m dressing a lot more simply by day, and then at night, I can kind of do my normal thing a little bit more.

How is Rodger? Good?
Rodger is amazing. We are loving parenthood, and the fact that we are business partners as well really works, because we take Skyler to the office and he is like our company mascot. He is just an incredible father, and he loves feeding him and bathing him; he is really hands-on. We have never been happier—but never been more tired, either.
As a big fan of Rachel Zoe I have shared a little from her interview from the Hamptons Magazine.

Rachel Zoe Dishes About Parenting, Style & Sports

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