Monday, June 13, 2011

Mum Revelations - Raegan

1. Where do you reside?    


2. What is special about where you live? 

My family and friends are all close by.

3.  How did you get your business started?  

A Little Bit of Cheek started out of a love for modern, edgy, cool kids clothing, gifts 
and accessories and of course the idea of being at home to raise my children.  
The A Little Bit of Cheek logo is a drawing of a photo we took of my eldest daughter while holidaying at Mossy Point in NSW.  The business is continually growing and 
along with that brands have come and gone.  My focus has not changed though; 
A Little Bit of Cheek is for kids who want to stand out in the mosh pit!

4. What is your favourite childhood memory?  

I have so many but one that always makes me laugh is a family holiday to Queensland.  It was in fact the last time my mum, dad, older sister and I went on a family holiday together when we were kids.  So many funny things happened on 
that holiday including the nickname ‘spackman and wobbin’ for mum and dad J

5. What are some memories that you like to create for your children?  

To me birthdays, Christmas and Easter are really important.  We always do the Easter egg hunt at my parents’ house at Mt Compass with my nieces.  Holidaying with our extended families has also become a bit of a tradition which I love as our children are really close to all their cousins.

6.  Who inspires you?  

My parents, still married after 40+ years and if I do say so myself they did a great 
job of raising my sister and me.

7.  Describe your perfect day?  

My perfect day would start off with a great night sleep, followed by pancakes for brekkie.  Then a lazy day spent by the pool with my daughters and hubby.  Perhaps a picnic lunch and a glass of sparkling red, followed by more swimming.  An afternoon nap would be awesome followed by homemade pizzas. If it seems sleep features a lot in my perfect day, I am a little sleep deprived at the moment as my 9 month old daughter is going through a very clingy mum, mum, mum stage.

8. Favourite holiday destination? 

Hmmm I have a few.  Santorini and Kota Kinabalu but there are so many places I 
have on my wish list that I am sure would become my favourites.

9. What are some of your favourite items that you could not live without?  

My iphone, lip balm, sunglasses and music.

10. What is your favourite product for kids and why? 

I love my Rockabye Baby lullaby cds.  I am not a fan of ‘traditional’ lullabies and this way my kids go to sleep listening to the music we love.  At the moment Coldplay and Radiohead are my favourites but I have my fingers crossed that they release Kings of Leon very soon.

11. Your favourite children’s fashion label?  

I have a few.  I love Micro Me and Oh Baby London and Princess Rock n Roll is very cool.  I have a new ‘just for boys’ range arriving in June and am slightly jealous I don’t have any boys to dress.

12. What is your family’s favourite meal?  

By far it would be chicken curry with rice and pappadums.  We all love our Indian food in my family.

13. Are you a fashion conscious mother? If so what is your favourite label for yourself?  

LOL not at all!  I am most comfy in a pair of skinny leg jeans, a rocker tee and a pair of Converse.  I do love my ‘All About Eve’ leather jacket if that counts?

14. What is the best thing about being a mother? 

Watching my children grow and learn.  It’s really exciting watching their personalities emerging.  Being a mother is the greatest gift in the world.

15. To finish off would you like to add a favourite photo?  Tell us why it is your favourite.  

I have two at the moment.  One is of my daughters in the port a cot.  We were on holiday at Kangaroo Island and they were playing together.  The other was taken a few weeks ago in our back garden, it’s of me and my girls, I just love it!

Thank you so much Raegan for letting us know a little about you, the owner of 
A Little Bit of Cheek.

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